10 New Features in Counter Strike 2

Today we will discuss 10 New Features in Counter Strike 2. So if you want to know about the new features of Counter Strike 2 then stay with us and read the complete article carefully. Because if you have played the game then it is important for you to know about the new features of Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 Video Game 2023

Finally, Valve has made a public statement on Counter-Strike 2. It is past time for the upcoming Counter-Strike update. The game’s strong core gameplay, popular esports scene, and rich in-game economy have all contributed to its yearly growth in the player base. Since the game is so well-liked and continually changing, it has long appeared unlikely that Valve would produce a new version of it.

1. Source 2 Game Engine

A new game engine has been used to totally redesign Counter-Strike 2. Since its debut in 2012, the older Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game has been based on the Source engine. Dota 2, another lovechild of Valve, received the Source 2 upgrade long ago. Players had, of course, been waiting for the same FPS engine improvement for many years, and at last, the overlords paid attention.

Source 2 is the platform on which Counter-Strike 2 is based, and it adds a slew of new features. This indicates that the game has a distinctly new feel and is not merely a visual one. Did you know that Half-Life: Alyx, one of the finest VR games, is also based on Source 2?

2. New Sub-Tick System

Network problems have long plagued gamers and interfered with their ability to play multiplayer video games. Of course, a game cannot make a players unstable network stable. The fact that players are participating from their homes in various areas results in differences in latencies even when everyone in the match has a strong connection. With a Sub-Tick Engine, Valve has reportedly redefined Counter-Strike 2’s net code, and how it works sounds too fantastic to be true.

3. Match Ends If Cheater Detected

Valve has been using VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) on all of its online games for a very long time. Counter Strike-2 will purportedly have an upgraded anti-cheat system dubbed VAC Live, which is regularly updated so that developers can recognize new hacks and provide a more streamlined gaming experience. It is the new anti-cheat system for CS2, albeit we don’t yet know how it works or what has changed.

4. New & Old Maps Updated

Three categories—Upgrade, Overhaul, and Touchstone—have been established by Valve for CS2 map overhauls. So what is the distinction? Few modifications have been made to the touchstone maps, although some changes are still visible. Lighting, textures, and reflections have all been significantly improved in upgrade maps. Valve says the maps in the Overhaul category have been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

5. New Responsive Smokes

The new smokes are one of Counter-Strike 2’s most significant new elements. Previously, landing a smoke in a specific area in Counter-Strike caused that area to be enveloped in a grey fog, which is what smokes do. Up until the time for it had passed, nothing the players did could clear the smoke from that area. The smokes in Counter-Strike 2 are entirely different. They have been updated visually, are volumetric, and seem to be smoke coming out of a grenade. Not only this, but the incredible physics behind it also causes the smoke to create a ring around the area where it was put as it grows.


Counter-Strike 2 All New Features

10 New Features in Counter Strike 2

6. New Environmental & Blood Splatter Effects

The landscape and other game components interact in whole new ways in Counter-Strike 2. As the effect takes place when HE grenades fall, they explode differently and seem realistic. Now, the flames from Molotov cocktails and incendiary grenades seem more vibrant. Additionally, when C4 detonates on a site, there is a loud boom that sounds like a mini-nuke erupting nearby. It’s quite dramatic!

7. Visual Audio Indicator in Mini-Map

A visual indication of your footsteps has been added to the radar (or mini-map) in CS2. When you produce a sound, a circle will appear around your character, indicating the region in which other players may hear you without a doubt.

8. CS2 Audio Rework

Valve asserts that the sound engine in Counter-Strike 2 has been improved in addition to the radar’s visual indication for audio. The new game will have more “distinct sounds” that better convey what is happening during a battle. Since a while ago, CS: GO has featured HRTF spatial audio, and to be honest, it felt very fantastic. It’s difficult to estimate how much better this new sound revision will be at this point, particularly in comparison to 3D Audio.

9. Can See Your Player’s Legs

The player perspective in Counter-Strike 2 has been updated, according to beta testers. In this new game, players can now really see their legs when they look down. Although it’s not significant, CS2 still has this cool function. You can’t see your legs in CS: GO right now, and it seems like your avatar is flying.

10. New Gun Models & Updated Skins

The current skins (proven to have been transferred from CS: GO to CS2) now look radically different, and the gun models in CS2 have also been altered. Thanks to the new Source 2 engine, which includes significant visual modifications to the in-game lighting system and materials, all of your skins will look super amazing. Additionally, the C4 Bomb now has a distinct look.


The 10 features of the Counter-Strike 2 game that I discussed are very important. Also, stay with us to get all Counter Strike 2 updates. Because whenever there is a new update of the Counter-Strike 2 game, we will discuss those updates with you in detail. Thanks for reading the article.

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